FAQ about Wine Coolers

Can I Store Red and White Wines?

Red and white wines require different storage temperatures  usually 10 – 12 C for white and 12 – 16 C for red. Some more expensive wine  coolers have independent temperature controlled zones for red and white wine.  In less expensive wine cabinets, compromise is called for, or buy two one for  red and one for white.

How Much Wine Can I Store?

Compact wine coolers that fit on worktops can usually take  about 12 bottles, ideal if you are entertaining. The under worktop wine  chillers normally take around 40 bottles, or around 3 cases. However, if you  are a serious wine connoisseur, wine collector or just someone who loves wine, then  consider a bigger wine cabinet to store your collection in optimal conditions.

What are the Annual Running Costs of a Wine Cooler?

On average it costs around £20 a year to run a wine fridge.

Are Wine Coolers Lockable?

Some are, and it is worth considering if there are children  in the house or you want to hold on to that 1947 Margeux.

Where Should I Keep the Wine Cooler?

Most wine coolers work well in a working environment of 16 – 38 C, so a garage or a hot conservatory may not be suitable.

Wine Coolers: Is Humidity Important?

Ideally wine should be kept in a constant high humidity  environment e.g. up to 70%, so that the corks do not dry out. On the other hand  if wine bottles get too damp mould could be a problem.

How Can I Build My Own Wine Cellar?

There are specialists who can advise and build a wine cellar in your house. This image is from Sorrells Custom Wine Cellars.